Credit Course

We anticipate offering the following course through the University of Haifa, for credit which should transfer back to US colleges and universities:

Kabri Archaeological Field School: Methods and Techniques in Field Archaeology (3 credits)

The Mediterranean Field Program at Tel Kabri aims to introduce the student to archaeological field experience, using the site of Tel Kabri, the western Galilee, and the larger region of Israel. This course in particular will train the student in the methods and techniques of modern field archaeology. The aim is to enable the student to acquire and develop the skills required for proper excavation and recording. Emphasis is placed on basic field technique and strategy, stratigraphical analysis, documentation, and chronological tools. These skills will be taught not only in the lecture hall, but also in the field as well.

1. Tel Kabri, History and Excavations (2 hours)
2. Biblical Archaeology: A Very Brief Introduction (2 hours)
3. Introduction to the Middle Bronze Age in Israel (2 hours)
4. Canaanite Rulership (2 hours)
5. Frescoes in the Aegean and Eastern Mediterranean (2 hours)
6. Pottery processing workshop (4 hours)
7. Field measurement workshop (4 hours)
8. Archaeological recording workshop (4 hours)
9. Collection and processing of zooarchaeological finds workshop (4 hours)
10. Section drawing workshop (4 hours)
11. Writing field reports (2 hours)
12. Archaeology and the public (2 hours)
13. Final report tutorial (2 hours)
The classes will be tuaght during each session of the excavation (three and a half weeks), 3-4 times a week, in the afternoons.

Course grade:
The course grade will be determined as follows: On-site application and demonstration of skills, 50%; Final report, 25%; Classroom participation, 25%.

It is expected that the cost of the field techniques class, available as transfer credits from the University of Haifa, will be US $600 per 3 credit course.

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